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GBC Micros is able to provide the following services to customers and businesses throughout Chelmsford, Essex and surrounding areas.

Whatever your computing problems or needs, be sure to call for an efficient solution at GBC Micros.


GBC Micros offers comprehensive laptop and computer repairs. From diagnosing the problem to upgrading and repairing the laptop or computer issue. Whether the problem is a hardware or software related issue we can fix it. We are always repairing and fixing computers that are running slow, cracked screens, or just not turning on.

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We build robust and long-lasting Desktop PCs which perform consistently well at handling difficult computing tasks. PCs come with a DVD-RW drive at the front of the case so you can easily back up your important data. If you have any additional features you would like to be added to the machine, let us know and we will install them for you!

Gaming PCs

We build Gaming PCs that are able to run modern AAA title games on high graphics settings and render HD videos. Our computers are fitted with the most up-to-date parts available to bring you the ultimate experience. They are also hooked up to a cooling system that is capable of dealing with thermal runaways, which occur during intense gaming. It is an optimal solution for gaming enthusiasts.

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We supply desktop or rackmount high-performance Fujitsu servers that are ideal for your home or business. These prebuilt systems are configured to your requirements. If you're unable to install a server on your own, we can install and configure a server on-site for you.

If you're looking for a totally customised server, GBC Micros can build and configure one according to your specifications and install it on site.

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We can build bespoke media centres and Linux based RIPNas units compliant with Linn Audio and SONOS. These devices will stream digital audio via one of our wireless networks or integrate with your own network.

NAS Boxes

We can build a NAS Box for your home or office network, so all the users on the network can back up or gain access to desired documents without any trouble. If you are unsure how to install the NAS Box on your network, we can install it for you.



  • Laptop/Notebook repairs

  • Pre-purchase advice

  • Computer upgrades

  • IT consultancy

  • Software

  • Virus removal

  • Data recovery

  • Secure data eraser

  • Network installations and support

  • Network management

  • System building

  • Hardware and software diagnosis

If your request is not listed under any of these categories, feel free to contact us anyway, we might be able to help.

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Very helpful and patient with a complete technophobe, checked thoroughly for a fault and explained how to rectify it ourselves at home. Will definitely call back if we have any issues in the future. Thank you


Would you like additional information about us or our computer repairs and computer upgrade services in Chelmsford? Please reach out. We’d be happy to hear from you.

We aim to respond to all emails and form enquiries within the next 24-48 hours. 

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